Download ethnic WAV files, drum loops, hip hop samples, breakbeats,multi samples for Software Samplers.

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DISCOVERY DOWNLOADER offers samples and sounds for a wide range of musicians, sound designers, arrangers, game producers, and creators of multimedia, video, film, and web products. This service is ideal for those who need sounds right away, who only want to buy their favorite sounds and who want to listen to the sounds before purchase. Discovery Downloader is available 24/7.

DOWNLOADER offers the following great services:

All sounds are Royalty Free.
The available sound data is 100-percent Royalty Free.
Here are more details about the license.
Downloadable 24/7
Our sound data is downloadable from the web anywhere, anytime — 24/7.

A World of Sound
DOWNLOADER supplies a great line up of sound data from around the world, including authentic Sound-Effects, Loops, One-shots, and Multi-samples. It is easy to search for your desired samples and sounds from our massive library. DOWNLOADER supplies its sounds in a wide range of formats, compatible for various programs.

Try Before You Buy
Most musicians will only use a fraction of the sounds on a typical sample CD. With DISCOVERY DOWNLOADER, however, you can buy only what you need, and save money. Best of all, you can audition the sounds before you buy, so you know exactly what youfre getting.

Amazing Ethnic Instruments
Bring the authentic sounds of far-away lands to your music. DISCOVERY DOWNLOADER provides a wide range of rare ethnic instruments from all around the world. With the rare ethnic sounds available only from DOWNLOADER, your music will come to life with a new world of color and expression.

DISCOVERY DOWNLOADER provides a full range of original samples and sounds! In addition, disc versions of the samples and sounds are available from DISCOVERY SOUND.