Download ethnic WAV files, drum loops, hip hop samples, breakbeats,multi samples for Software Samplers.

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Before using the sound data offered by DISCOVERY DOWNLOADER, make sure to read the following details pertaining to license and usage. By buying the sound data, you have agreed to all of the following guidelines. If you do not agree with the following, do not use our sound data.
  1. The sound material and all data, plus the ownership, copyright, and advertising rights of and for the sound data belongs to Discovery Firm Inc. Only the right to use the sound data is given to the authorized purchaser of the sound data.
  2. Users may process and edit the sound data on sampling instruments and devices, including application software and hardware.
  3. The sound data is to be used exclusively for the purpose of creating original music and images. The original works can then be distributed freely or sold. It is forbidden for users to use the sound data for the purpose of creating the same kind of works that Discovery Firm offers, including samples, sound-effects, application software, license-free BGM libraries, and the like.
  4. It is forbidden for users to give away, sell, distribute, share, copy, or lend the sound data in part or whole, either in person or online, to a third party before it has been made unique (a form other than the base data). The same policy applies to the audition audio on the website.
Please contact us if there are questions pertaining to the license.