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In December 25, 2006, a new sample CD-ROM "I LOVE TIBET" was released to the market. It is Discovery Sound's new classy library recording insturmental samples of Tibetan Buddhist music and faithful performances and songs which are familiar to Tibet people.

Here is the special reviews for the Tibet samples received by Nicolas Farmakalidis and Catherine Duc, who are well known artists of many talents.
Nicolas Farmakalidis   Catherine Duc
I am always interested in listening, understanding and learning music from different countries and cultures. Music has so many colors and I believe it is important for a music producer to be able to experiment with all these colors so he/she can create unique and new sounds, a producer's "trademark" lets say.

Recently, I had the privilege to use the "I love Tibet" sound library from Discovery sound. The Cd-Rom comes in different formats, ACID, Wav, REX2, Kontakt, Battery and it also contains a marvelous movie that shows the Tibetan music and culture. The quality of the recording is amazing! The sound is very clean and very "detailed". (You can even hear the harmonics on the percussion instruments!)

The sound library is divided into different categories. Percussions, String instruments, wind instruments, temple sounds and vocal sounds. Each one of these categories is separated into various instruments and loops (different keys and tempos).

I first tried the Stringed instruments. The Dranyen is categorized into 4 sections, starting from the lower register and ending at the higher register of the instrument. I can truly say that the sound is wonderful! The samples are extremely detailed and have much clarity. For instance, it starts off with single notes, then goes to double, then to different ways of plucking the strings and so on. The Piwang has such a remarkable sound and color. The samples are so sophisticated that you can even notice the different bowing and fingering techniques.

I have always been looking for a great flute sound to use. Usually flute samples sound "thin" and fake. Finally, I have found a flute sound which is complete and is called Tibetan flute (in the wind instruments category). Although the samples are only in the keys of C, F Eb and Bb you can transpose easily using a good sampler. As I have mentioned repeatedly, the sample quality is very high so even if you do transpose, the color and/or the sound will not be distorted.

Tibetan music is very complex (If you listen to the samples in the "Temple ensemble" category you can realize how compound this type of music is).

It is performed without metrical timing and the pitch is based on microtones (Notice that the pentatonic scale is used a lot).
Nicolas Farmakalidis
Independent music producer

His jazz and classical music/mixes especially demonstrate a high level of musical talent and creativity. In 2006, he worked as a producer and arranger for Aika's first live tour in Japan. He also produced, arranged, engineered, and mixed for Aika's album, "Ai-Wo" (TrueBlue/ToshibaEMI 2006).

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Romain Collin
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Since it is based on microtones, some of the samples are difficult to use like the Gyaling for example; it is hard to use with harmony because of the pitch, but it can be used by itself on top of a drum loop. It can be used with a combination of some SFX as well. It is still an incredible sample that gives different and new musical ideas! In addition, some of the percussion loops are hard to use due to the complex rhythm/meter, but with some editing you can combine the loops together and create your own "in the pocket" loops/grooves.

An extremely important element in the Tibetan music is the percussion instruments. The percussions on this sound collection are exactly how they are supposed to be. Full and warm sounding with a great precision on the way they are played and recorded. You can experiment with the dynamic range of the instrument and even the pitch. The samples start from soft to hard hits, then going to different playing techniques and different use of the percussion (staccato, long hits and so on). Extraordinary!

A great addition to the sound collection is the Vox category. You can hear women, men and children chanting, but also women and men "reading" words and phrases (You can use the Disk booklet for a translation of these words and phrases!).

This sound library is a MUST for a music producer that likes to experiment with different styles of music, colors and creating new and fresh sounds. Kudos to Discovery Sound for this incredible sound collection!

The quality of the recordings is very high and authentic. The listener feels like they are right in Tibet experiencing the native culture. Also the samples are well organized with a good range of instruments and vocal sounds. A must have for worldbeat and soundtrack producers.

I especially liked the vocal chants and stringed instruments. I want to use the samples for worldbeat, electronica, ambient and soundtracks. I'll definitely use the samples on my next album!
Catherine Duc
Catherine is a composer of ambient music with Celtic, World and Electronica influences. She melds diverse influences into groundbreaking Electronica Album, Visions and Dreams that was released in 2005.

Also, Duc has won some great music awards for the last few years. In December 2006, she was honored at the 16th annual International Los Angeles Music Awards. Her melodies, thrilling and full of sweeping grandeur, lend themselves to motion picture scores.

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"Visions and Dreams"
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