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  koto review
Poems of the Moon, Sky, and Sea
In 2009 composer Steven Odden created an original masterpiece, “Poems of the Moon, Sky, and Sea” using the sounds and music from Discovery’s KOTO sample CD.  Some may wonder what can be created using sample software and this review is one fine example. Each of his songs can be downloaded at Discovery Downloader by clicking the on the right.

Here is what Steve Odden has to say about KOTO sample cd software.

“When I thought up Poems of the Moon, Sky, and Sea I was reading Tale of the Genji and looking at the art work of Amano Yoshitaka.
It was The art work in Tale of the Genji by Amano Yoshitaka that influenced me to create all the tracks for the cd and create the story.
Poems of the Moon, Sky, and Sea is a love story about the Moon, Sky, and Sea. Each track tells a story through music with sampled instruments.
The sounds and instrumnets are all part of the telling of this story.
I was able to create this CD because of the high quality samples on the KOTO sample CD. The main instruments Shakuhachi and Koto in sound totally authentic and give a very real performance.
My love of Inuyasha and Princess Mononoke turned me on to older styles of Japanese music. I consider the traditional Japanese music to be very impressionistic, like the paintings of that time.
I have always wanted to compose some sort of Japanese fairytale soundtrack; finally I was able to because of KOTO!”

Japanese Sample Set

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Steven Odden
Through out his life, Steven Odden has always been involved with music.
However, it wasn't until he began studying with Luba Zevlev that music composition really opened up for him.
After studying for a year under Luba Levlev, Steven developed a deeper understanding of classical styles by Mozart, Schubert, and Debussy.
This helped development in his own compositions, enabling him to publish his first classical piano work, Piano Sonatas.
Luba Zevlev both inspired Steven Odden's interest in composition and taught him to continue a life-long study of music on his own.

After studying with Lube Zevlev, Steven's musical interests began to open up as he developed interest in various other styles of music.
His greatest music influences are Nobuo Uematsuo and Yoko Kanno.
Both of these composers have opened whole new worlds to his music styles and composition, to this day he is still influenced by there music.

Because of his deep interest in Japanese music, he was able to create his first game demo cd and have it record it at Curve Records studio.

One of his greatest inspirations for composing Japanese music is the famous graphic artists, Amano Yoshitaka.
After reading Tales of the Genji with art work by Amano Yoshitaka, Steven started to get the idea for Poems of the Moon, Sky, and Sea.
He wanted to create a musical story using Japanese instruments, basing it upon a fairy-tale love story about the Moon, Sky, and Sea.
He succeeded in weaving the composition in the fashion of a Japanese anime film giving the characters expressive emotion within the music.